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Magickal Finds at The Gem Faire

Deliberate Thought
Easy Lemon
All songs by Kevin MacLeod

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17 Comments on Magickal Finds at The Gem Faire

  1. This is just a snippet of what’s available at the gem faire. There is so
    much more to see but this gives you an idea of all the fun crystals you can
    find. Hope you like it! :0)

  2. Awesome! Fun! We have a twice-yearly Spiritual Holistic Expo in the Lehigh
    Valley that I go to, and they do have a number of gemstone vendors, but not
    as many as your Gem Faire!! And not the really big crystals either. I’ll
    have to see if there’s anything like that around here. You’ve got all the
    good stuff out in CA :-))

    • +KLC8158 Yeah, we are pretty darn spoiled here. I’m happy to hear you at
      least have something like the spiritual holistic expo where you live. A
      quick search online shows there is a gem show in Lebanon, PA in August. Hopefully that’s not too far for you. :0)

    • Oh, thank you Alicia! That is not far at all. Very doable. I’ll check it
      out and maybe I can get some of my girlfriends to come out with me and
      we’ll make a day of it 🙂

  3. Wow, I was four to make my own Moldavite and H. Diamond pendant for
    necklace. I’ll have to check hers out, if it’s affordable. Thank you Alicia

  4. Alicia what’s her website? The one that pops up from Google doesn’t look
    like her jewelry I see in the video.

    • +spiritual nutrition It’s but I don’t think
      she has any of the jewelry on there. If you email her from her site and
      inquire about that necklace, she can give you the price and work out a way
      to get it to you, if she still has it. She is super sweet and will be happy
      to help you out. :0)

  5. Thank you Alicia , I’ll definitely email her. I’m so glad your doing videos
    with crystals now.

  6. Oh my gosh I’m getting addicted to those stones !!! They are so beautiful
    ???thank you for this video ?

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