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The foremost experts outside the manipulated media post regular articles about the prospects of Gold, Silver and Crypto currency against fiat paper currency.

Trading & Crypto

Is This a FAKE Out Rally in the Markets?

17th February 2019 40

Could the strong rally we have seen in the major stock markets be a "fake out" rally – like a bull trap? One market and chart seems to think so. We examine the facts. For […]

Trading & Crypto

Why Bitcoin Will Go to 30,000

16th February 2019 62

There is ONE chart that seems to show that Bitcoin could go to 30,000 in the future. My friend and trader Zak Mir gave me the idea for this video – which in my view […]

Mike Maloney - Gold and Silver

Are We Already In A Recession? Mike Maloney

12th February 2019 48

Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: Join Mike Maloney as he explores the question of whether or not the United States has already entered recession territory. Thanks for sharing and clicking that 'Like' button. […]

Trading & Crypto

What Will Cause the Next Market Crash?

9th February 2019 38

What could bring about the next major crisis in the economy and market crash? We explore the likely possibilities in this video. For membership visit:

Bo Polny - Gold2020 Forecast

Litecoin Bottom and Spike, NAILED IT! (Bo Polny)

9th February 2019 25

In GOOD FAITH announced today's (February 8) LITECOIN SPIKE to the WORLD on January 5, 2019 giving EVERYONE an ample 30-day NOTICE! Check out that COOL video: Who listened??? My Bitcoin INDEX subscribers SURE DID! […]

Trading & Crypto

British Trader Makes a SHOCKING Prediction

8th February 2019 44

Is it likely that nobody has considered a shocking possibility about the UK and EU Brexit? We consider the likely outcome with British trader Zak Mir in this video. For our Predictions 2019 video replay, […]

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