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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. This is an excellent resource for those who understand the importance of eating foods that help balance the body’s PH level.
A vegan or vegetarian diet has powerful healing properties due to the consumption of alkaline foods. Great menu ideas here for those trying to eat healthier.

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

Why You May Not See Me Here On Youtube

11th November 2016 15

To learn more about my mom's story or to help support her journey visit: Thank you so much for your support! If you can't donate, please share her campaign on Facebook and other social media […]

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

How I Got Rid Of PMS For Good

28th October 2016 6

I used to have horrible PMS & Cramps and a very unpredictable cycle. This video is all about how I got rid of PMS & cramps naturally without any medication. Once I did this, everything […]

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

Delicious Juice Recipe / Omega Vertical Juicer Review

21st October 2016 4

I recently purchased the Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Juicer on Amazon (refurbished) and I love it! I'm giving an overall general review of this juicer, the pros & cons and showing you exactly how it works, […]

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

One Thing You May Be Missing On Your Healing Journey

30th September 2016 8

One thing you may be missing on your healing journey is not addressing the mental and emotional aspect of how certain experiences from your past may still be affecting you today. I recommend reading Heal […]

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

Bad Luck? I Need Your Prayers

23rd September 2016 20

Is a brain tumor just bad luck? Don't wait until you receive a devastating diagnosis before you make a change in your dietary and lifestyle habits. Don't wait until it's too late! Almost all dis-ease […]

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

How I Shop & Prep Food On A Raw Food Diet

16th September 2016 5

People think it takes a lot of work to follow a raw food diet, so today I'm showing you how I shop, what I buy, and how I prep my food on a low fat, […]

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

My Amazing Cranial Sacral Therapy Experience

9th September 2016 4

I had my first Cranial Sacral Therapy session, also known as Craniosacral Therapy, this week and I wanted to share my experience because it was awesome! Craniosacral therapists use their "ability to identify the parts […]

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