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Interesting articles which explain how foods and herbs can be used as medicine for different diseases!


7 Alkaline Food That Will Help To Rid And Avoid Ulcers

26th September 2016 0

Bladderwrack The fiber in Bladderwrack relieves constipation and adds bulk to the bowels, promoting a smooth digestive process that is efficient in terms of nutrient uptake. Furthermore, this helps to relieve or prevent more serious […]


10 Alkaline Foods That Can Help You Prevent And Treat Arthritis

23rd September 2016 0

Zucchini Zucchini have anti-inflammatory properties, thereby naturally treating ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, where swelling is immensely painful. The copper percentage in zucchini also helps in reducing the aching symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.   Papayas Papayas […]

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